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Grammy Award winner Arthur Willmore Stead gets children listening, laughing,
and learning. Performing as Willmore the Wizard, children's magician and storyteller,
his extraordinary enrichment programs for schools and libraries
inspire kids of all ages. His original music, magic, puppets
and creative feats make education fun! Teachers and parents agree:
from preschool through elementary, Willmore the Wizard’s motivational
educational and assembly progams will make a lasting impression on your students.

"Your reputation as a master magician has grown to rock star proportions!
No other performer has ever been mobbed and asked for autographs
at the conclusion of our library programs!"

-- Liza Craig-McCormack, Head of Youth Services
Hamilton-Wenham Public Library


Pharaohs, the Sphinx, King Tut. How were the Pyramids built? Who stole Queen Cleopatra's necklace? What is the riddle of the Sphinx? Willmore the Wizard takes your students on an amazing journey back 3,000 years to solve many baffling mysteries. Fun, educational, and magical!     Grades K-5

Get your students exicited about reading for fun - not just for homework! Using familiar characters from the Dr. Seuss books, Wilmore shows the children how reading is enjoyable when books are your friends. With music, magic, humor and audience participation, kids are encouraged to become lifelong readers. They learn how reading sparks our imagination, enhances our creativity, and opens doorways to the world. This is a magical program which celebrates not only Dr. Seuss, but also recreational reading!     Grades K-5


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An enchanting early childhood program about kindness, friendship and courtesy. In this very special magic show, Willmore the Wizard playfully demonstrates the importance of thoughtfulness, keeping one’s promises, and doing nice things for others. After all, that’s the real magic inside all of us!    Ages 3-5

"We enjoyed the show so much, we invited Willmore to return the next day for a repeat performance. Totally awesome, the kids loved it!"
-- Mary Grimmer, Director
    Little Treasures School House, Reading, MA

This program instills a love of reading in an entirely new way. Our favorite Dr. Seuss beginner books come to life with interactive magic and upbeat music. The children will be laughing and learning as they participate in a charming and fun-filled program. Encourages spelling, rhyming and imagination!     Ages 3-5


Children are entertained, amused, and drawn into creative thought with this imaginative reading program. They’ll visit exotic places, meet famous people, and explore the magic found in every book. Best of all, they’ll discover their own individual creativity as they learn about the treasures hidden in their library.     Ages 5-12

"Delightful and magical! The children were amazed and awed by your performance. Their expressions were priceless, both when helping you, and when watching from the floor. I was so impressed with how you brought the joy and adventure of reading into the program."
-- Kathleen Hutchin, Head of Youth Services
    J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford, MA

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& printable flyer

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Willmore reveals the secrets to magical mysteries that will amaze and intrigue both children and adults! These classes are not only educational, but tremendous fun for all who attend. Willmore also shows the participants how creative writing skills can create an interesting storyline for their magical illusions. An unforgettable experience for the kids!     Ages 8-12

"Thank you for presenting a thoroughly entertaining demonstration of your carefully chosen sleight of hand tricks and magic routines. The fact that you held the attention of so many 8 to 12 year olds was in itself a wondrous magical feat!"
-- Lorraine Der, Children’s Librarian
    Hamilton-Wenham Library, Hamilton, MA

Website theme music composed by Leslie Stead in fond memory of Tinkerbelle.

Willmore the Wizard
AKA Arthur Willmore Stead
Schedule a Program Today: Call 360-813-1220

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